Try Before You Buy

Download Vuniq now and exprience the difference for up to 30 days without any limitations. When the evaluation period has passed you will be required to purchase a license in order to continue using Vuniq.

One Size Fits All

Vuniq does not limit you in any way, and can scale without problem as your needs grow. And you get development tools on each Vuniq station.

Client/Server Operation

A server license option lets you use one PC for communications, data logging and development and a number of PC's as operator stations. Each of your plant's computers can function as an I/O and data server, with the other computers acting as clients for monitoring and controlling only. The clients do not need a separate license but instead get a temporary license by connecting to the server. Clients can connect to multiple servers simultaneously.

Vuniq To Go

While the normal license is tied to a single PC, Vuniq can also be supplied on a custom built Disk on Key (DOK), containing the Vuniq software and a license, enabling you to take Vuniq with you and use on any PC. The DOK has enough space for a Vuniq project, further facilitating portability. This enables you to take Vuniq with you and use it on any PC without needing to perform any installation. In addition, you can specify where log files are stored: on the flash disk, a specific PC, or on the local PC.

Contact address & numbers:

North branch

5 Haetgar st.
P.O.B. 2064
Tirat Carmel 39120
Tel: +972-4-8577630
Fax: +972-4-8577636

Cnetral branch

20 Giborei Israel st.
Netanya Darom (Poleg) 42504
Tel: +972-9-8855740
Fax: +972-9-8855730

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