Vuniq offers you a complete HMI/SCADA solution, whether you are a process engineer, systems integrator, or operator. Vuniq features unparalleled ease of use, advanced graphics capabilities and zero maintenance data logging, together with a proven high-performance communications engine to deliver a affordable, superior SCADA experience. Learn more!


Key Benefits and Capabilities:

Operator Screens

  • Flexible links for connecting any number of variables to any visual apsect.
  • No limit to the amount of links on the screens
  • Rich interaction functions for changing values, switching screens, or performing complex scripts.
  • Support for displaying current alarms, historical data reports & trends, recipe data and control in user screens or in dedicated screens.
  • Allow opens control subwindow.
  • Support multi operator screens.
  • True zooming.
  • High-quality screen display with support for anti-aliasing (line smoothing) and smooth gradients.
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Screens designer

  • Integrated state of the art screen designer:
  • Fast switching between design and operator mode in the same window.
  • High-quality screen display with support for anti-aliasing (line smoothing) and smooth gradients.
  • True zooming.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Support for multiple layers.
  • Powerful property editor with instant search & replace \ facilities.
  • Quick duplication of objects in tables, or in rotation.
  • Support for bezier curves.
  • Support for true rotation (any angle).
  • Extensive and customizable symbol library lets reuse symbols. Drag & drop any symbol to your screens.
  • Support for displaying bitmap images in screens.
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  • Alarms can be assigned to groups, each with its own color.
  • Each alarm can be configured to trigger different actions.
  • Alarm conditions on dynamic setpoints.
  • Alarms can be configured to play audio files, send SMS messages or mail to multiple recipients.
  • Active alarm popup window.
  • Alarm log displays historical alarms with alarm colors.
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  • Unlimited number of trends.
  • High-precision sampling for up to 100 samples per second.
  • Flexible trend display with up to 8 variables per view.
  • Charts can be integrated in operator screens.
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Reports & Recipes

  • Zero maintenance SQLite database engine for all history tables.
  • ODBC connectivity lets you log data to any ODBC-compliant database.
  • Fail-safe database automatically recover from system crashes.
  • Customizable archiver automatically removes old records from log tables.
  • Unlimited columns in reports and recipes.
  • Integrated table display with support for sorting, filtering and instant search & replace.
  • Automation for reports and recipes by time or by event.
  • Support for exporting to and importing records from .csv files.
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  • Unlimited number of user accounts, each with a password and a user level: basic, operator, supervisor, engineer or programmer.
  • Actions can be assigned a minimal user level.
  • Actions can be logged to a user-actions table, for later auditing.
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Tools and Utilities

  • Data monitor for quickly looking up and changing values.
  • Trace window for monitoring communications.
  • Export & import of all project definitions tables.
  • Automatic folder and file maintenance for projects.
  • All project settings can be changed on the fly without needing to restart the project.
  • Project manager window makes managing large projects a breeze.
  • User groups for organizing the project by topic.
  • All of Vuniq's windows maintain state and position.
  • Instant search function for finding screens, tables and other items.
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  • High-performance communication engine with concurrent simultaneous data requests for maximizing data throughput.
  • Up to 98 concurrent, logical communication ports.
  • Up to 255 stations for multi-drop or TCP/IP connections.
  • Connectivity to OPC servers.
  • Aliases for simplifying addressing.
  • Support for rich expressions with mathematical and string functions.
  • Real-time data sharing between Vuniq stations with support for redundancy.
  • Detailed statistics for each communication port, and in the case of TCP/IP protocls, each station.
  • Extensive library of communication drivers supporting a wide selection of PLC's and controllers, including OPC, Siemens, ModBus serial & TCP GE, AB DF1 Unitronics and others.
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